Over 20 Species in 6 days

Over 20 Species in 6 days

What a week of fishing, Over 20 species in 6 days were caught and released by the Compleat Angler Nedlands fisherman.Its fair to say that Jon, Josh Todd and Hilton had a great week of fishing with Half Cast Charters this week reflected in some great pics as you will see further on.

Casting from Half Cast
The boys getting a cast in from the platform

With the guys arriving around lunchtime on day one Jon and Todd decided to get into island time and relax poolside while Josh and Hilton (Doctor Hook Lures) decided to get an extra couple of hours fishing in. A few good fish were landed on a pretty windy

Red Bass Fiji
Red Bass on a Limited Edition Dr Hook Twitch bait 130

afternoon, check out this fat Bass caught on a Limited Edition Doctor Hook Twitch bait 130

Day 1 of the actual charter saw much of the same weather with fresh to strong 20-25knot south-easterlies which meant heading East was not an option. That’s not a problem for us here at Half Cast Charters as we are on the Northern tip of the island we can fish down either side, with a quick stop off at Malake passage to boat a redbass, bluefin and a solid GT oh yea and to get reefed aye Josh… we moved on.

The afternoon produced another couple of GT’s before the light gear came out and the reefies became the target. It was a great afternoon throwing light gear landing several small fish before changing out again but this time to heavy jigging gear. The first 2 drops produced an EPIC Coral trout caught on Vexed Fishing 320g Double Bass Jig in the Redback colour from 70m and solid GT from 45m caught using a Live Fibre Venom and Jigging Master PE7 combo on the side of a ledge, not long after that a great little Amber jack was boated from the depths

Days 3 and 4 produced many fish and several bust offs on solid fish, Two stand out fish were caught the first being Hilton for his 18kg Yellow Fin fishing a Dr Hook School bully on light gear this fish put up one hell of a fight!

Not to be out done Josh landed his fish of the trip only a few minutes later with this nice GT in the 25kg range

We also came across some sweet schools of small Yellowfin tuna on the way home in near perfect weather so stopped to cast light tackle and picked up a couple of lovely little fin, Sashimi time!

We had been monitoring the weather all week praying for a break which came on day 5 at which time the jigs came out. Some serious metal made the trip from Perth! many of which were later donated to the reef due to the raw power of some seriously BIG unstoppable DOGGIES, imagine a Stella 10000 & 20000 running some serious man drag unable to stop these beasts of the deep.

Laughing from the cockpit as I watched both Jon and Todd get railed and very soon after cut off it was a great morning of fishing the drop offs, I have to say these doggies really do fight above their weight with blistering first runs!

Fijian People
Deckie Solo doing it tough…

The Afternoon on Day 5 was spent bommie hoping our way towards home landing GT’s, Kawakawa (Potato cod), the ever present bounding Long Toms, the brown floaters (Red Bass) and a few Macy’s (Spanish Mackerel)

Jon and Todd enjoying a well deserved Fiji Baby on the way home

This was of course after we spent half an hour or so watching a huge pod of Pilot Whales cruising through the Vatu I Ra passage stopping to “Spy Hop” (poke their head out of the water vertically and literally spy on us, they can stay in this position for a seriously long time)

Our last day of fishing was soon here which turned out to also be a great day weather wise which was a nice finish to the week. Many more great fish were caught, great stories told and MANY drinks consumed at night back in the Resort coupled with a few nice Cuban Cigars I reckon its fair to say we will see these guys back again.

Here are a few other scenic shots and fish pics for you taken either cruising out or heading home again, Be sure to check out our FB page Half Cast Charters for more pics and updates also

Thanks Jon, Josh, Todd and Hilton AKA “BBrrruuu”

Until then tight lines

Heading home after a great day