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4 Things you might not know about Mangroves

4 Things you might not know about Mangroves

 Mangroves are trees or large shrubs which are salt-tolerant and grow in intertidal zones in tropical and subtropical regions. They form dense forests along many tropical and subtropical coasts, are found in 123 countries and territories and are estimated to cover over 150,000 square kilometres globally.

Four points you might not know

  1. There are 110 species of Mangrove plants including ferns and palms
  2. Mangroves are the first link the marine food web
  3. mangrove plants are viviparous (give birth to live young) which remain attached to the parent plant until they germinate
  4. Mangroves store 50 times more carbon than tropical forests

Did you know that Mangrove forests provide ecosystem services too??

Mangroves are clever little fellows, if they were business men Elon Musk might have some competition. Here is just a snippet of the services they provide, all for FREE

  • Fisheries; of commercial sea fish and coral reef fish, shellfish and mollusks
  • Timber; rot and insect resistant, fuel source
  • Medical plants; kidney stones, constipation, menstrual fevers, aphrodisiacs
  • Food; honey
  • Protection; storm and tsunami
  • Tourism; kayaking, snorkelling, SCUBA diving
  • Carbon sequestration; CO2 emissions

We offer Mangrove kayak and SUP tours

On your next visit make sure you head out on one of the guided river Mangrove kayak and sup tours. Its one of the best ways to appreciate the amazing job these plants do!

Our Environmental Contribution

Volivoli Beach Resort in partner ship with Mangroves for Fiji is committed to becoming 100% Carbon Neutral by 2019. In order to achieve this, we are required to plant no less than 15 hectares of mangroves to offset our daily emissions.

You can also assist us in this program by collecting mangrove seeds and planting them in our nursery which we will then transfer into their natural environment once they are ready to go.

Here is a short clip of the last mass planting where we were able to plant over 5000 seedlings back into their natural environment

Depending on where you are flying from you can offset the carbon emitted during your flight to Fiji by planting the recommended number of seedlings as listed on the fact pole.

We thank you in advance for you support in ensuring that we all act responsibly for our environment and planets future.

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