Durga Prayer

Durga Prayer

Volivoli guests were treated to some rare culture this week where they were invited to witness a Hindu Prayer, Durga.

This prayer is an annual event where people have the choice to “Walk” or not. If people do chose to walk,(Walk over roasting hot coals with nothing on your feet!!!) you must spend the week leading up to the prayer at the temple for a week of fasting, prayer and meditation.
People pray for good things to happen for them and their loved ones, Also for nothing bad to happen. For example people may be sick or have someone in their family who is sick, To show their god “Durga” how dedicated and devoted they are they fast, walk over hot coals and are pierced with steel Triton shape spears, before the ceremonial piercing’s begin they are cleansed by the near by ocean.IMG_8291
Both men and woman can take part, Seen here is one of Volivoli’s own staff, Angie having her cheeks pierced before walking the coals.

Not for the faint of heart, this prayer is an amazing spiritual gathering to witness.

Some images are very graphic, viewer discretion is advised.


 The Origin of the Goddess Durga
Durga It is believed that once the existence of the universe was under a threat by Mahishasura (the demon). The Gods pleaded Shiva to protect their world from the evil forces. Lord Shiva asked the three goddesses, Saraswati, Maa Kali and Maa Lakshami to release their powers (shaktis). The Power emerged in a female form. The Divine light emerged and a goddess of exceptional power appeared with many arms. She was beautiful as well as ferocious. Durga was an extremely gorgeous girl with full of rage. The gods named her Durga, the invincible one and they furnished her with all their arms. Durga rode on a lion to the top of a mountain. In a violent battle, she killed Mahishasura and thus, saved the world from the demon’s threat.Read more at http://www.iloveindia.com/spirituality/goddesses/durga/#ISzoU59Il5sZLLKH.99