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GT Fishing in Fiji

GT Fishing in Fiji

We fishermen all have a bucket list of different big fish species that we want to land.

For some it is that 9kg-plus snapper or a 25kg-plus kingfish.

When you are fortunate to catch a lot of big fish you start looking at other species, some found in exotic places that you have read about in magazines, or watched on a fishing programme.

Volivoli GT Fishing
Volivoli GT Fishing

I have always been excited by those huge giant trevally or GTs that smashed surface lures in the gin-clear waters of some Pacific island.

So Fiji was my chosen spot and I organised a trip to Volivoli Beach Resort to stay and fish with Nick Darling.

Nick helps run Volivoli, a family owned resort in the north of Viti Levu about two hours drive of Nadi.

Volivoli caters for diving and more recently lure fishing.  Nick had been providing us with some fantastic fishing photos over the past year, he said to come over and get out and try for that big GT I so dreamed of.


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