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Half Cast Charters boil hot with Tuna

Half Cast Charters boil hot with Tuna

This year we welcomed back the Pennel family for the 3rd time!

One thing was for sure Murray and the girls Taylor and Kierra were getting at least 2 days fishing in! Last year the girls landed their first ever GT’s and to top it off it was a double hook up! The girls could not prepare themselves for what was going to happen this year…

The lines were set and less than 2 minutes later “Hook up” was the call, hang on double, no triple, no quadruple hook up Yellowfin!! The girls skilfully angled their tune to the boat Stoked!!!

The third was landed by skipper Nick Darling SASHIMI!!! Murry was taking a little longer… it’s the big one… 35minutes later we had colour and unfortunately it turned out to be a shark…

We boated 13 yellowfin that afternoon so the call was “One last set team” Nick what are the chances of ticking a Wahoo of my bucket list?” Murray asked,

Well Muzz it’s a bit early in the season but its possible…ZZZZZzzzzzz was the sound as we watched line peel out, Muzz that’s you wahoo mate!!!

10 Minutes later muzz is holding up his biggest fish to date!!

Well done Muzz, Taylor and Keirra, what will our target be next year???