Hunting and Fishing NZ

Hunting and Fishing NZ

This week saw 4 Anglers from NZ, Russel, Kretch, Gary and Wayne, join us on board Half Cast for a few days of fishing the surrounding Bligh Waters. All of these lads except for Kretch are Hunting and Fishing NZ store owners so you can imagine there was no shortage of gear!

The target species for the week would be GT’s (Giant Trevally) while popping the coral drop offs in search of bait schools.

While the lads were out on the water a few very happy wife’s spent their time poolside with a cocktail, getting pampered in our on site Dau Lomani spa or off on cultural tours into the interior villages of Viti Levu.

Before you check out the fishing pics check out these Humpback Whales we encountered on the way home one afternoon, They were amongst a pod of Pilot Whales. They really put on a show so we sat back and enjoyed the show for half an hour.

A few pics of the fishing action from the week…

Thanks Russel, Kretch, Wayne and Gary for a great week, it was a pleasure to have you on the boat.


Volivoli Team