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Manta and Ray Ecology

After a great success with our recent Sea Turtle Ecology and the Shark Ecology specialty courses (which are still available for anyone who missed out first time around) we wanted to launch the Manta and Ray Ecology specialty course to help out during what is still probably a period with a lot of forced spare time on most people’s hands.  So what a great way to have some fun, learn some crazy and interesting facts and gain a new qualification all from the safety and comfort of your very own home.

There is so much to learn about Manta and Ray Ecology and to understand about these beautiful and graceful creatures of the sea.  Join our Manta and Ray Ecology specialty course and learn information like:

·         Are you aware rays are also known as batoids?

·         A rays skeleton is made from cartilage just like a shark

·         Some rays can live in water 3,000-meters (10,000-feet) deep

·         How to identify a ‘cleaning station’

·         Did you know that some rays can produce electric current up to 220-volts?

o   Do you know what they use this for?

·         Do you know how many species of manta rays there are?

·         A fully grown manta ray can consume up to 27kgs (60lbs) of food a day

·         How to safely and responsibly interact with manta rays

·         Smart ecotourism practices

·         ………………..and so much more.

The Manta and Ray Ecology specialty course is not only interesting it is very educational as well and with our current isolation, quarantine, lockdowns and curfews in place, and with no face-to face study time required there has never been a better time to enrol than now. Stay safe, stay at home and learn something new and exciting – a great fun course for all the family.

To enrol simply complete the booking form and email to [email protected] and get started today on this fun and enjoyable course for all the family with lots of interesting information and facts – we know you’ll love it.