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New Mobile Responsive Website for Volivoli Beach Resort, Fiji

New Mobile Responsive Website for Volivoli Beach Resort, Fiji

Today we have just  launched our brand new new Volivoli Beach resort mobile optimised website built especially for smartphones and tablets, in the big step to makea fully responsive website form the ground up.

You’ll notice a totally-new look and feel that showcases all our amenities and services and presents them more beautifully than ever before.

The use of mobiles and tablets is exploding with 42% of all site visits to Volivoli’s old website coming through handheld devices.

New website for Volivoli Fiji “We want our mobile and tablet readers to have the best possible experience when using our website on their smaller screens. Therefore, after a few weeks of web and content development, we are over the moon to announce the launch of our new responsive mobile website.” says Volivoli Beach Resort’s managing director, Nick Darling.

“Most of our visiting divers, fishermen and guests nowadays arrive with iPads and smartphones as their primary internet devices, making this especially critical for the resort.” he said.

Stuart Gow, managing director of the web development company The Army of Flying Monkeys, said he was extremely proud of the resulting website.

He said, “We have rebuilt the entire online presence of Volivoli Beach Resort to be firstly a mobile site from the ground up, focusing on improving user experience, reliability and download speed.

“Our goal and brief was to provide the best user experience for reading the site whatever your device, but especially tablets and smartphones.”

New website for Volivoli Fiji“The new website is a major step and achieves that responsive mobile goal. It is fully optimised for both the smaller screens of smartphones and all tablets up to ten inches (iPads and Galaxy Tabs).

“If you view the site with any device anything larger such as a desktop PC or Mac, you will still see the same site responsively displayed for all desktop sizes.” he continued.

“You’ll find our new site is responsive and will scale up and down on all mobiles and tablets.

“The site is fully responsive and optimised for all devices from your phone up to your enormous Mac G4 display.”