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Keeping it Local

Closed borders cant keep us down! In fact there is an incredible silver lining , and to make things better its our local Fijian people who are reaping the rewards. With new found “down time” comes new ambitions, why not learn to SCUBA DIVE! CONGRATULATIONS to Gurvindar Singh, NEWLY

Manta and Ray Ecology

After a great success with our recent Sea Turtle Ecology and the Shark Ecology specialty courses (which are still available for anyone who missed out first time around) we wanted to launch the Manta and Ray Ecology specialty course to help out during what is still

We Can Still Dream

Lockdown has most certainly afforded us ample time to consider our next overseas vacation! If you have been dreaming of warm water, golden sand and an incredibly healthy seascape click here to register for the webinar update with Nick When Where & How Friday 7pm April 17th – Eastern

Tropical Cyclone Harold Update #1

The last 24-hours has seen us paid a, not so welcome visit, from Tropical Cyclone Harold, our most serious cyclone since TC Winston some 4-years ago. TC Harold was a strong cat 4 with winds gusting well in excess of 100-knots (185kph/115mph) near the eye and at times pushing 70-knots (130kph/80mph)

COVID19 Update #1

COVID19 Update #1

Volivoli Beach Resort has temporarily suspended day to day operations effective as of Sunday 22nd March until further notice due to recent government travel restrictions in response to issues directly related to COVID-19 Our team have been thoroughly briefed with full transparency around