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Paddle to Peak – Like to be active on your vacation?

Paddle to Peak – Like to be active on your vacation?

Like to be active on your vacations?

Considering Fiji?

Like the idea of scuba diving in paradise but want something to do on your “dry days”

Why not consider the Paddle to Peak challenge?

Adjacent to Volivoli Beach Resort a short 1.5km’s kayak to the west sits Malake Island, the subject of many a picturesque silhouette images taken as the sun sets rounding out another glorious day in Fiji.

Well worth the shlep up!

Nick reckons the views from atop this volcano shaped island are nothing short of exquisite! 360deg over water views of the Bligh Waters are well worth the short shlep up!

Depending on your fitness this journey (paddle & hike) should take between no longer than 2 hours round trip, stopping of course to catch your breath and soak up the breathtaking view (pun intended)

So if this sounds like a bit of you, ask the dive shop team for more information.

See how close it is

The pin on this map gives you an idea of how close Malake Island is to Volivoli