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Been out of the water too long? Ready to go diving in Fiji?

Been out of the water too long? Ready to go diving in Fiji?

Are you going crazy? Been out of the water too long? Are your gills dry and crusty?

Well, I’ve got the antidote: join Dale Finch and other very lucking divers September 1 through 8 at Volivoli Beach Resort.

If that isn’t enough for you, stay on with Dale for a dive cruise aboard the Y/S Fiji Siren September 8-15 and come home a new person, ready to take on the world.

Spend the first week at Volivoli Beach Resort, diving Bligh Water’s famous Vatu-I-Ra Passage in Ra Divers’ high powered dive boats that speed you out to the Passage. Go whole hog the second week to explore sites “Beyond Bligh”. Dale has spots available and she asked me to get the word out. So, consider the word is out!

When traveling with others, it is always so much more fun than experiencing paradise by yourself. Sharing the experience adds richness and depth that just isn’t attainable on your own. At least that is what I’ve found traveling with divers all over the world for 18 years.

Diviing in the Vatu-i-Ra Passage with Ra Divers
Diviing in the Vatu-i-Ra Passage with Ra Divers

I doubt availability on this trip will last much longer so don’t dawdle. (Love that word!)

Click here to access Dale Finch’s contact information to get more details and prices and to see more of a description of what the week at Volivoli includes.

At the end of the link to Dale Finch’s information, I’ve added a couple of really cool videos: one is of Volivoli Beach Resort and the Vatu-I-Ra Passage dive sites reachable by Ra Divers Day boats. The second video will float your boat and blow your skirt up. It was produced on a recent Fiji Siren dive cruise. Once you view those two videos, you’ll have no doubt that Fiji is truly the soft coral capital of the world.

At least go see those videos if you can’t get away in September. Just looking at the videos may relieve some of your pain.

One more thing, my office gets the Fiji Siren specials and I can pass them on to you when you book through my office. There is one out right now if you want to fill available cruise spots on scheduled 7 and 10 day cruises during June and July: Pay for one spot and the second spot is 1/2 off. Jump on it! Give me a call or email me and we’ll go for it!

There are so many great pictures, videos and links to information pages on my website, why not take a break and browse your way to paradise while sitting at your desk! If you haven’t been there lately, take a gander:

Here’s to wet gills!



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