Selfie Resort Update – Tour

Selfie Resort Update – Tour

Nicks let loose with his Iphone

Bula Guys, Its Nick here again, Ive been asked for video updates a lot lately so I picked up my iphone today…the result…a “Selfie Resort Update”

Sit back have a laugh and count how many times I say “As you can see” 

Its pretty clear there is no future in broadcasting for me, however I hope you found this valuable and you now have a better idea of how Volivoli is placed.

I really need to commend our team again for all their hard work and effort that has gone into the monumental rebuild!

We are now taking reservations online so please feel free to click the link below and take advantages of our Unbelievable reopening specials.

People often ask, how can I help…? the answer is simple, come to Fiji and help spread the wealth through your purchases on holiday

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