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SHARK – scary or exciting – friend or foe?

After a great success with last month’s Sea Turtle Ecology specialty course we wanted to now offer the Shark Ecology specialty course to help out during what is probably a period with a lot of spare time on most people’s hands.  So what a great way to have some fun, learn some crazy and interesting facts and gain a new qualification all from the safety and comfort of your very own home.

There is so much to learn about Shark Ecology and to understand what a vital part the shark plays in the ecosystem.  Join our Shark Ecology specialty course and learn information like:

·         The living order of sharks and batoids

·         Are sharks fish?

·         Did you know the word shark dates back to the 1560’s?

·         Do you know if a whaleshark is a shark or a whale?

·         What is a sharks largest organ?

·         Did you know that female sharks have up to 3 to 4 times thicker skin than male sharks?

·         What is a sharks strongest sense, hearing, smell or vision?

·         Do you know the difference between ‘ram ventelators’ and ‘buccal pharyngeal pumpers’?

·         What % of its body weight do ‘active sharks’ need to consume per day?

·         Did you know that most sharks have 5-gills, whilst some have 6 or even 7?

·         ………………..and so much more.

The Shark Ecology Specialty Course is not only interesting it is very educational as well and with our current isolation, quarantine, lockdowns and curfews in place, and with no face-to face study time required there has never been a better time to enrol than now. Stay safe, stay at home and learn something new and exciting – a great fun course for all the family.

If you are interested in enrolling in this fun and informative course please click here to complete the registration form and email it back to [email protected] at your convenience and I will set you up straight away and be online for full support and to help with any questions. Good luck, enjoy and have fun learning about Shark Ecology with Fiji’s Premier Dive Resort and Ra Divers Fiji.