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Tropical Cyclone Harold Update #1

The last 24-hours has seen us paid a, not so welcome visit, from Tropical Cyclone Harold, our most serious cyclone since TC Winston some 4-years ago.

TC Harold was a strong cat 4 with winds gusting well in excess of 100-knots (185kph/115mph) near the eye and at times pushing 70-knots (130kph/80mph) onsite at Volivoli Beach Resort.

Well done team

Thankfully yesterday our team effectively implemented our pending cyclone preparation SOP plan which included securing and relocating all potentially loose and non-secure items such as outdoor furniture, removing shade sails, awnings as well stand-up paddle boards and kayaks etc. Cyclone shutters were installed on windows and non-necessary doorways, all gutters, drains and storm water piping were checked to ensure optimum rainwater run-off. We moved all of our boats to a secure and protected location to ensure their safety.

On-site generators were fully fuelled and readied with additional fuel stock to ensure sufficient quantity to cover for potential mains power outage.   

Fortunately Harold has passed

Thankfully it appears TC Harold has now passed with what appears to be zero structural damage although there are many leaves, branches and 100’s of coconuts strewn throughout the resort as well as a lot of sand wash-out along rock walls and the beach.  The overall outlook appears great, we have a solid and cyclone proof resort and at this stage we envisage a big day or 2 of post TC Harold clean-up and we will be as good as new.

Finally and on the most pleasing note all on-site staff are fit, healthy and in high spirits.

Good luck to the rest of Fiji and whoever lays in ‘Harold’s Way’ which on the current course is likely to be our neighbour’s Tonga – stay safe everyone.

The mess Harold left behind

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