Keeping it Local

Closed borders cant keep us down! In fact there is an incredible silver lining , and to make things better its our local Fijian people who are reaping the rewards. With new found “down time” comes new ambitions, why not learn to SCUBA DIVE!

CONGRATULATIONS to Gurvindar Singh, NEWLY CERTIFIED OPEN WATER DIVER and on his birthday as well – let’s hear a little from him.

Q: Where were you born?

A: Labasa on Vanua Levu

Q: What sort of work do you do?

A: I am the Tourism Fiji Website Manager

Q: How long have you worked at Tourism Fiji?

A: I started last year in 2019 so now just over 18-months

Q: What was your previous job?

A: I was the Digital Marketing Specialist at Jacks Fiji

Q: How long have you wanted to learn to dive?

A: It has been quite a long time however I never realized it was such an simple process and too be honest since joining Tourism Fiji and hearing from my colleagues that are already divers as to how much fun it is as well as dealing with people in the tourism industry and how great the diving is in parts of Fiji.

Q: Had you ever tried diving before?

A: No I have never dived before.

Q: Why now?

A: My colleague Salman Ali, Fiji Tourism, Marketing Officer just learnt to dive a couple of months ago and came back to work all excited and couldn’t stop talking about it so I thought I wanted to see for myself what all the thrill was about. I have also been seeing a lot of pictures from Salma, Rush Pathak, Tourism Fiji, Global Social Media Manager and James Pridgeon, Tourism Fiji, Niche Experience Manager so just had to do it and the timing was right.

Q: Why did you choose Ra Divers at Volivoli Beach Resort to teach you to dive?

A: That’s where my colleagues Salman and Rush learnt and they raved about how much fun they had and how smooth and professional the process was so it was my 1st choice.

Q: Would you recommend diving in Fiji to others?

A: Yes absolutely I understand it is one of the best places around the world to dive and the water is nice and warm with 1,000’s of fish.

Q: What was your favorite thing about the dive course?

A: I think my favorite thing was going underwater and seeing what I had only previously seen in documentaries with my very own eyes. It was also amazing how I seemed weightless in the water and could just float peacefully with the fish.

Q: What about your overall experience?

A: It was great, my instructor Pola was very friendly, helpful and safe and he made everything feel comfortable throughout the entire course.

Q: Any last words?

A: I can’t wait for my next dive here at Volivoli Beach Resort and the Bligh Water.

Awesome job Garvindar, you took to it like a duck to water.

Vinaka and safe diving.